Welcome under the gentle sun of Tuscany !
City tours of Tuscany hold for you professional licensed guides.

Visiting Pisa, strolling through the alleys and streets of the historic center , this plunge into the past as a powerful Maritime Republic.
You will get acquainted with the history and splendor of the most important monuments of the city : Piazza dei Miracoli with the main cathedral, the Baptistery , the monumental cemetery and the famous Leaning Tower ..

Walled , this city – one of the best preserved in its original form of Italy. The town preserved ancient city walls from the top with great views of the surrounding countryside . Held here known throughout Italy antiques market . In the vicinity of Lucca are hot springs of Bagni di Lucca , where recuperating Byron , Liszt , Flaubert and Puccini . In addition , Lucca – the birthplace of the famous Tuscan cigars , whose history dates back to the 19th century.

San Gimignano
Medieval “city of beautiful towers ” of San Gimignano – a reminder of the times when neighboring states have been particularly aggressive , and the man’s house was actually his fortress.
Despite the fact that of the 72 towers once defended the city has survived only 14 , they majestically over San Gimignano , creating a completely unique skyline .

siena tour

Siena Tour

Getting to Siena .. secrets and mysteries of the most exciting .. and unusual in this beautiful city with its picturesque medieval streets and its beautiful panoramic view. City known for its Piazza Del Campo in a fan-shaped and irregular summer Ile Palo – a medieval tournament , whose ceremonial rigor observed for eight centuries .

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